IVGID History

Since it is also an election year it occurred to me that many part timers and new arrivals may be unfamiliar with the political history of our little mountain community and how certain differences in outlook came about. As it’s also approaching Independence Day I decided to offer a historical summary borrowing a literary style from our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

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The Swamp

As IVGID trustees and staff have looked at improving the existing stock of recreation venues and considered expanding their scope the McCoys circled their wagons and began launching outright verbal and legal attacks on the Hatfields and Hatfield-leaning trustees and staffers. Their weapons have included filibusters at trustee meetings, accounting arguments, ethics complaints, meritless law suits, demands for documents, almost anything calculated to vex and annoy those in the saddle who know they cannot abridge the McCoys’ First Amendment rights. So far IVGID’s only effective counter weapon has been a court action to recover costs of defending frivolous law suits in which the Nevada Supreme Court awarded IVGID a large judgment against one of the McCoys. That just made them madder. So if you attend an IVGID Board of Trustees meeting in person of on line you will think the “swamp” moved from Washington DC and settled here in the Sierras.

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IVGID Reserve Study

Earlier this month the Bonanza ran a column by IVGID General Manager Steve Pinkerton headlined: “Paying now rather than later.” Mr. Pinkerton wrote that with IVGID’s “hundreds of facilities, pipelines, equipment and rolling stock” the district has an obligation to set aside funds for both current maintenance and replacement at the end of their useful lives. Pinkerton said that a majority of the property owners’ recreation fee is “dedicated towards the maintenance, planning and replacement of our capital assets.” I wish he managed the Washoe County School District too.

Every year the State of Nevada sends a chunk of money to the school district based on the number of students enrolled. Those funds are earmarked for salaries, benefits and operating costs. If they want to maintain or build school buildings they put a school bond measure on the next election ballot which asks local property owners to increase their taxes to pay for it. Given the school board’s dysfunction voters have been reluctant to approve school bonds.

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IVGID Land Sales

“Lock her up, lock her up” cried the Trump supporters. “Impeach, impeach!” shouted Congressional Black Caucus members. But wait! Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has been adjudicated guilty of anything.

Lynch mob mentalities are not limited to Washington DC. We recently had a case of it right here in North Lake Tahoe as a result of a front page Reno Gazette Journal article headlined: “Fight over Tahoe beach access leads to questionable land sales.”

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