Callicrate and Schmitz Claim TrueBlueFacts Tells Lies Instead of Facts

  • The mission of TrueBlueFacts is to educate residents with fact-based information to inform their decisions in the upcoming election for the IVGID Board of Trustees
  • Through objective research, TrueBlueFacts analyzes candidate policy positions and identifies facts that may indicate their fitness to hold office
  • Callicrate and Schmitz have repeatedly demonstrated character flaws and lack of capability to be IVGID trustees

Key findings by TrueBlueFacts shared through various media include:

  • Callicrate
    • Character: 
      • Forensic analysis and statements by two eye witnesses confirm he lied that his Facebook account was hacked, and that 45 vile, bigoted posts in 2014-2018 are his
      • DUI convictions demonstrate repeated disregard for public safety and poor decisions
    • Capability:  Financial performance while a leader of Red White and Tahoe Blue demonstrates he lacks the ability to deliver on his highest priority of fiscal responsibility   
    • Schmitz
      • Character:  Her behavior during the campaign demonstrates she’s not living up to her stated values of Honesty, Integrity and Appreciation
      • Capability:  Participation at Board of Trustee meetings demonstrates her Inability to move beyond minutia to address strategy matters

Callicrate and Schmitz policy positions are based upon propaganda that falsely accuse IVGID and its leadership of fraud and incompetence, including:

  • Demands for a forensic audit, that presumes fraudulent accounting
    • Accusations that IVGID financial data lacks transparency based on their own lack of understanding
    • Claims that IVGID project management is deeply flawed when external reviews and publicly available data say just the opposite
    • Most disturbingly, Callicrate and Schmitz have stated their intent to partner with Trustee Dent to control the IVGID Board, putting it under the control of Cliff Dobler, who loaned Dent $400,000 and contributed to both Callicrate and Schmitz’s campaigns.  Firing General Manager Steve Pinkerton would likely be their first step if Callicrate follows through on prior threats.

TrueBlueFacts stands by these FACTS, and challenges Callicrate and Schmitz to produce evidence that we are materially wrong.  If our facts were in error, we’ll publicize it and donate $500 to a charity of their choice.

TrueBlueFacts was registered on August 1, 2018 and is not a political organization.  Its officers are publicly disclosed and are supported by many community volunteers.

Gene Brockman (IVGID Trustee 2002–10, Chair 2005, 2010)

Jim Clark

Jim Croley

Ed Gurowitz

John Iannucci

Chuck Otto

Steve Pulver

Kaye Shackford

Joe Shackford

Joe Wolfe (IVGID Trustee 2010–14, Chair 2014)