Tim Callicrate lacks fiscal responsibility

  • Red White and Tahoe Blue lost $206,000 under his leadership
  • He set the stage for the near failure of the 2018 fireworks show
  • Callicrate can’t deliver fiscal responsibility as an IVGID Trustee

On June 29, 2018, the Reno Gazette Journal published an article entitled, “Troubled Red, White and Tahoe Blue July 4 festival gets last-minute fireworks funding” (click here), describing how close Incline Village came to not having its Fourth of July fireworks show. Had it not been for substantial last-minute contributions from the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) and other organizations, payments on debt incurred by Red, White and Tahoe Blue in prior years would have prevented the event from happening.  This raises the question of who allowed the debt to be incurred in the first place.  The answer is Tim Callicrate, during his leadership at the organization from 2014 through 2016.  An analysis of the 2012-2016 Red, White and Tahoe Blue IRS tax returns and the cash position reported in the 2018 Washoe County event license application shows how badly things went, as illustrated in the figure below.

Interviews with two members of Red, White and Tahoe Blue board of directors during this period revealed how things went awry:

  • Tim Callicrate made all financial decisions, ignoring the advice of the board
  • The board warned Callicrate of overruns from his decisions at every meeting
  • Callicrate overruled the board and unilaterally signed contracts, including:
    • Increasing cost due to an expensive music event
    • Increasing cost due to unique 10th-anniversary fireworks
    • Allowing costs to continue well above historical levels
  • Callicrate’s leadership demonstrates a lack of fiscal responsibility and set the stage for the near failure of the event in 2018.

During the July 9, 2018 Candidate Forum, Callicrate stated his first priority is fiscal responsibility.  Based upon his performance leading Red, White and Tahoe Blue, there is no way he can deliver on this priority, making him unfit to continue as a Trustee.

RW&TB IRS Tax Return Links:

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