Incline GOP Women

Don’t just repeat lies and unsubstantiated assertions! Do your own research and get to the TRUTH

September 19, 2018


Thanks for your response explaining that you and the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Republican Women (“IV/CBRW”) do indeed ratify and endorse Yolanda Knaak’s “Legislative Alert” about IVGID Chairwoman Kendra Wong issuing IVGID's letter acknowledging its capital set aside to replace aging effluent pipes. Knaak emailed me an advance copy Saturday, September 15, asking for my input; I advised her that my research over the weekend into her primary contention would be limited but that she should consider the IV/CBRW’s bylaws before causing it to appear that IV/CBRW is taking sides in a race with competing GOP candidates by trashing a female, minority Republican incumbent.

On Monday, September 17, I told you that the previous day I had contacted former Trustee Joe Wolfe, in Ohio at his brother’s funeral, who armed that during his tenure as IVGID chair the board of trustees (“BOT”) had approved the effluent line replacement set aside; I warned that in such a case Knaak’s “Legislative Alert” would not only be dead wrong but would constitute “false, misleading and defamatory information” intended to affect public opinion about candidate Wong.

Over the last two days I researched the “Legislative Alert” contentions. I found that In 2013-14 the then IVGID board knew it had to replace its aging effluent line; that cost estimates ran as high as $30 million if done by IVGID alone; that IVGID sequestered $7.5 million as a set aside (now $8.3 million) to be used as dollar matching funds if the Tahoe Transportation District (“TTD”) could obtain a federal grant to build a bike path adjacent Hwy 28 and relocate IVGID’s failing effluent line to it, and that the savings by doing so could exceed $7 million[ <#_msocom_2> .

The then available federal grant funds were snagged by Senator Harry Reid for a Las Vegas project but TTD continued pursue the project. In the intervening years TTD has put together a consortium of thirteen public agencies, including IVGID, all united in the State Route 28 National Scenic Byway project. The consortium has already started the bike trail project and is including additional major environmental and scenic improvements.

Chairwoman Wong’s letter to the US Dept. of Transportation was in no way a commitment of IVGID funds (the set aside had already been committed by BOT action). Wong executed the letter on behalf of IVGID at the Request of TTD in connection with its grant application to US Dept. of Trans. IVGID records show that the current BOT reaffirmed the set aside arrangement at least SEVEN TIMES in the past calendar year alone (see attachment).

This being the case the IV/CBRW “Legislative Alert” has grossly and intentionally misstated the facts, and wrongly accused Board Chair Kendra Wong of an “illegal act” As I warned both you and Knaak, if the “Alert” was factually incorrect there could be serious consequences.

It was wrong!! Totally!!

The “Alert” was clearly defamatory towards Chairwoman Wong; statements demeaning an elected official made with malice (grossly negligent utterance of libelous language) are not protected by the First Amendment and could subject their issuer to civil and criminal action.

Your “Legislative Alert” was made with gross disregard of the true facts (which I uncovered by a little judicious research so Knaak could have as well) and could threaten the State Route 28 National Scenic Highway consortium, get IVGID excluded and thereby cost IVGID ratepayers over $7 million. That would result in a special sewer assessment of over $3,000 for each Incline/Crystal Bay resident who voted in the last election.

In your email you state “If . . . we have made a mistake, we will correct the record immediately.” Obviously IV/CBRW is obligated to do so; I recommend you and your executive committee seek legal counsel to minimize the liability of the club, its officers and members.

Interestingly as I write this, Knaak is on the Incline Village Politics Facebook page admitting that she supports two other candidates in the IVGID race and claiming it does not affect her objectivity. Yeah. Sure. If any civil legal action or prosecution results from IV/CBRW’s “Legislative Alert” her admission of bias will compound the amount of any civil damages or criminal penalty assessed against her, the IV/CBRW and its officers.

You may want to consider a gag order for Knaak.