Sara Schmitz Advocates Anti-Family Policies

Sara Schmitz cites the new Incline Pump Track (the bike park adjacent to the Recreation Center) as an example of wasteful spending by IVGID. She points out that the line item in the District budget denotes $24,000 for the bike park yet over $300,000 was spent. Sounds bad, right?

In fact, Incline Village is a well-run community led by intelligent qualified caring local men and women.  In collaboration with Robert and Robin Holman, and a long list of like-minded community members, the team used the modern and well-accepted Public-Private Partnership approach, to multiply a modest $70,000 budgeted IVGID investment to create a popular and well-used community asset worth nearly $350,000.  So far, $237,617 (including $52,148 from IVGID) has been expended to deliver the Bike Park and children’s Pump Track, leaving $112,383 to augment the Bike Park and initiate the adults’ Pump Track.  This is smart management and a very good deal for all our resident families and guests. Best of all there are remaining District and donor dollars to help fund future phases and improvements to the Robert and Robin Hollman Family Bike Park. Schmitz clearly doesn’t understand what she is talking about and her unwarranted criticism undermines current and future lucrative partnerships between IVGID and local donors. Is this what we want for our board and our community?

Additionally, Sara and her running mate Tim Callicrate are advocating limiting guest access to our Beaches to only those guests that arrive with a picture pass holder. Such a policy means that those of us with young children would not be able to send them to the beach with their visiting grandparents while their parents are at work or with a sitter while their parents take a day to themselves.

Frighteningly, the proposed policy would also be a direct violation of the Beach Deed Restriction (see The Beach Deed explicitly states the Beaches shall be “for the purposes of recreation by, and for the benefit of, property owners and their tenants (specifically including occupants of motels and hotels) within the Incline Village General Improvement District as now constituted, and, as the Board of Trustees of said District may determine, the guests of such property owners…” Sara’s proposal to limit Beach access to guests escorted by picture pass holders would prevent the tenants of a Deed authorized entity like the Hyatt from entering. Doing so would clearly put the District at risk of litigation. Even if a compromise were able to be crafted to allow hotel guests to enter in compliance with the Deed Restriction, Sara appears willing to choose winners and losers with the families of the District coming up short. 

Sara Schmitz continues to demonstrate herself unaware of the basic structure under which the District operates and displays an alarming willingness to trade the needs of community families to meet the demands of a privileged few.