Tim Callicrate lied when he said that his Racist and bigoted posts were the result of hacks

  • Analysis confirms he made 42 posts spread over 2014-2018
  • They were not the result of hacks
  • Callicrate isn’t fit to continue to be an IVGID Trustee

The subject of bigoted and racist Facebook posts attributed to Tim Callicrate first arose when a hardcopy of them was shared at the June 29, 2018 Community Forum.  In that meeting, Callicrate offered the following defense:  “I don’t know who’s behind the information but my Facebook page was hacked three times.”  He offered the same defense at the July 13, 2018 Community Forum, and indicated the posts had “gone viral” at the September 7, 2018 Community Forum.  Most recently, Sara Schmitz posted the following item on the Incline Village Facebook page on September 12, 2018:

The message below is from Tim Callicrate:

“Dear FB Friends and Followers…Due to excessive trolling and hacking of my account, I have notified FaceBook and deactivated my account until further investigation is completed. I want to assure folks I have not blocked or unfriended you! Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to email me at tim2tahoe@msn.com.


One community member responded, “You two make a great team!”  Schmitz responded, “Thanks! We work well together.”

Schmitz regularly cites the need for “getting the data” (quote from July 9, 2018 Candidate Forum) to decide what the facts of a situation are to inform her decision making.  Following her lead, here are the facts found through a review of the posts, to include forensic analysis of the underlying metadata:

  • The folder that has “gone viral” contains 42 unique Facebook posts in Callicrate’s name
  • The content of these posts can be generally characterized as bigoted and racist, with vile descriptions of Republicans, Muslims, “climate shysters”, “migrant bastards”, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama (“a transgender nightmare, a swamp creature”), to describe a few
  • The posts were made over a four-year period from 2014 through 2018, covering Callicrate’s tenure as an IVGID trustee
  • They were shared with members of Facebook groups with whom Callicrate interacted
  • One such group member captured each of the posts as they were made, saving them as image files through a process that has been replicated during the analysis. These files are what is in the folder that Callicrate indicated as having “gone viral”, and have not been modified.  This conclusion was confirmed independently with the person who captured the posts.

These facts confirm that the posts were made by Callicrate and were not the result of three hacks.

The questions raised by this conclusion are:

  • How can Tim Callicrate be considered fit to continue to be a Trustee?
  • How can Sara Schmitz be entrusted with being a Trustee, when her alleged analysis abilities failed her so badly in choosing her running mate and who has on a number of occasions promised voters that she would “vote with Tim.” Do we want trustees who are independent and think for themselves??

The answer is that neither Callicrate nor Schmitz have what it takes to be an IVGID Trustee.